Welcome to School Meals Development and Consultancy Service



What we can provide

Support is available throughout the year through regular email updates, attendance at meetings, personal visits and by telephone. The Service offer is proactive; anticipating and delivering support in accordance with legislation, best practice and settings’ own requirements. The offer includes:
  • Promotion and liaison with families to increase awareness of the criteria for free school meals eligibility and associated funding for settings attracted via Pupil Premium and other local or national schemes, including supporting settings to maximise registrations and uptake, while initiating and delivering system improvements and efficiencies
  • Delivery of accredited and bespoke training to school and catering staff and key stakeholders (e.g. Governors, parents/carers, partner agencies) in aspects of food hygiene, nutrition, school food, allergy management, behaviour management and any other relevant subject areas
  • Independent nutritional and allergen analysis of food and drink provision, including evaluation, support and monitoring of compliance with statutory nutritional standards and food labelling legislation
  • Responding to enquiries raised by settings and parents with regard to nutritional requirements, especially the provision of appropriate information and support for pupils with medical conditions that require a special diet (e.g. food sensitivities, diabetes)
  • Monitoring and supporting action where appropriate to maintain and/or increase uptake of school meals in line with Government targets
  • Management of school milk budget and co-ordination of provision, including contract and price negotiation with suppliers and Catering Services on behalf of settings signed up to the pooled School Milk Budget scheme
  • Liaison between key stakeholders (i.e. school staff, children, young people and their families), council departments and national agencies regarding developments in food hygiene, nutrition, school food, allergy management, behaviour management, free school meals and any other relevant subject areas
  • Provision of support for key stakeholders in relation to the subject areas highlighted above, as appropriate and necessary in accordance with the changing landscape and/or legislation relating to school food and drink
Contact us to discuss your requirements - we will be happy to design a bespoke solution to meet your needs and exceed your expectations!